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Facebook Advertising is a waste of money? Nonsense!! @facebookads

There is a new viral video presenting so-called facts about how using Facebook Ads to advertise your page is a waste of money. If you haven’t seen it, here it is: Facebook Fraud. I won’t even comment on the lack

Facebook Ads CTR Skyrockets – Good or Bad for Facebook Advertisers?

According to Adobe’s Social Intelligence Report  published in October, 2013 and based on consumer data (2012-2013) analyzing 131 billion Facebook ad impressions, the following changes have occurred year over year: CTR has increased by 275% CPC has decreased by 40% CPM

Twitter joining Facebook in the ability to target custom audiences. Great for marketers. But is it great for users?

It seems Twitter is planning to release a tool to make it easier for advertisers to find their customers on Twitter. Advertisers will be able to bring in emails from their clients into twitter and will be able to run

How are Social Media Ads Similar to Plane Crashes?

If I had a penny for every time someone says… “Facebook Ads don’t work” or  “Social Ads don’t work”…. And every single time  I think…  social ads failure  is similar to plane crashes.  Why do planes crash? sometimes they crash