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Facebook Ads CTR Skyrockets – Good or Bad for Facebook Advertisers?

According to Adobe’s Social Intelligence Report  published in October, 2013 and based on consumer data (2012-2013) analyzing 131 billion Facebook ad impressions, the following changes have occurred year over year: CTR has increased by 275% CPC has decreased by 40% CPM

Optimize Images for Link Page Posts on #facebook #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia

Facebook has increased the size of images in link page posts by 4x on mobile and 8x on desktop to help you drive better fan engagement. To optimize your images for this new format: Use images that are 1200 x

What is more relevant in Social Media? Engagement or Conversions?

A very typical debate in social media revolves around the idea of What is the most important metric to measure success?. There are usually two main camps: those who think engagement is the most important metric and those who think conversions should