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Facebook Ads become even more relevant to your Social Media Strategy

Facebook announced yet another change to how it will handle brand page posts. Beginning in January 2015, people will see less promotional content in their News Feeds. This change aims to increase the relevance and quality of the overall stories  people

Facebook Mobile Ads- From Installs to Engagement and Conversion

When Facebook launched its Mobile Ads platform, the main focus was to drive installs. When an ad was created the default call-to-action was to “install” the app. And the results have been significant, with Facebook being responsible for a total

Optimize Images for Link Page Posts on #facebook #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia

Facebook has increased the size of images in link page posts by 4x on mobile and 8x on desktop to help you drive better fan engagement. To optimize your images for this new format: Use images that are 1200 x

Twitter joining Facebook in the ability to target custom audiences. Great for marketers. But is it great for users?

It seems Twitter is planning to release a tool to make it easier for advertisers to find their customers on Twitter. Advertisers will be able to bring in emails from their clients into twitter and will be able to run

How are Social Media Ads Similar to Plane Crashes?

If I had a penny for every time someone says… “Facebook Ads don’t work” or  “Social Ads don’t work”…. And every single time  I think…  social ads failure  is similar to plane crashes.  Why do planes crash? sometimes they crash

Social Media does it again. Facebook responds to the #FBrape campaign

Once again Social Media demonstrates its power to generate change in a rapid manner.  In response to the #FBrape campaign, which asked the social media network to end gender-based hate speech on its site, they have finally switched from stating