Facebook Mobile Ads- From Installs to Engagement and Conversion

When Facebook launched its Mobile Ads platform, the main focus was to drive installs. When an ad was created the default call-to-action was to “install” the app. And the results have been significant, with Facebook being responsible for a total 145 million app installs through Apple‘s App Store and Google Play.  But user acquisition (installs) is only one of the challenges faced by app advertisers, most also struggle with low engagement and low conversion rates. (According to a study by Localytics, 66% of app users only open apps between one and 10 times).  To help advertisers address these issues, this week Facebook announced a new way to use mobile app ads to drive engagement and conversions.  

Now mobile app ads can keep existing users active within an app, even after they install. Deep-links can now be used in the ads to direct users to customized specific locations inside an app, such as a sale, promotion or specific content. And there are now seven call to action choices to help increase engagement and conversions:

  • Open link
  • Use app
  • Shop now
  • Play game
  • Book now
  • Listen now
  • Watch video

To start using these new features in your Facebook Mobile Ads, follow the following steps:

  1. Use Power Editor – to set up your campaign
  2. Identify your existing app users. Upload a list of your existing app users into Power Editor using the various custom audiences options. These include Mobile Advertiser IDs, email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook User IDs. You can also target by demographics, interests, and mobile device type
  3. Track and measure results

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