Facebook Page Analytics

Dashlytics Facebook Page Analytics

Using our proprietary Facebook Page Analytics software optimization engine, our advanced analytics skills, and our years of experience running social media campaigns, we take raw data from your Facebook page and transform it into an executive-ready report with in-depth analysis and a set of recommendations to optimize your business facebook page engagement. Our recommendations include:

  • How to refine your reach strategy to reach those users more likely to engage with your content (gender, age, geographic location)
  • How to reach the right balance between organic, viral, and ad-supported reach
  • How to refine your content strategy using the right mix of photos, videos, links, status updates and shares to get maximum engagement
  • When to post to reach specific audiences (gender/age combinations)
  • When to post (day/time) to reach maximum engagement
  • Optimal number of posts a day
  • Recommended post length